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Obtaining your medical marijuana card is easy with BlazeMD. Simply fill out the form including your symptoms and a medical doctor will review your application within 24 hours. No appointment necessary.

Once the doctor reviews your application and you’re approved, you will receive your medically approved referral via email. You will have to register with your state’s health department. Upon processing, your state’s health department will issue you your medical marijuana card and you will receive it in the mail

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    BlazeMD is changing our communities

    It’s no secret that opioid and methamphetamine addiction is a serious problem in the US. BlazeMD is committed to fighting addiction by providing a pathway for those suffering from addiction to find relief with a safe and natural alternative. Marijuana can help manage not only addiction, but pain and other psychological ailments. We want to keep our communities safe from addiction and violence. That is why BlazeMD is fighting to make a change by providing medical marijuana cards in such an easy way.

    Use cannabis legally

    BlazeMD Team wants everyone who can benefit from the amazing properties of marijuana to be able to possess and purchase marijuana under the law. Medical marijuana cards are the only way to steer clear of federal and state persecution. In addition, having your medical marijuana card can allow you to pass drug tests for your job, court proceedings or other circumstances where you need to protect yourself. Have some peace of mind, obtain your medical marijuana card today.

    BlazeMD is a team of licensed doctors who will review and update your medical with a mission to provide personalized cannabis education and wellness. We do that by connecting patients and doctors online through our platform to provide recommendations for living a better life.

    We are helping hundreds of new medical cannabis patients get their medical recommendations every day. The demand for qualified doctors who truly care about patients is increasing, and we are helping to align the need. To date. we have helped over 175,000 patients gain the access they deserve to marijuana, legally.

    Our team of 75+ worldwide employees and network of over 100 doctors are working tirelessly to expand access to medical cannabis for patients.

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